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Customize Anything. Your Data Your Rules

Customize Pipelines, Fields, Notifications, Reports etc easily. Granular security options. Control what your users can see. Custom Colors, graphs, labels and dashboards. Customize everything.

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Transition Graph

Transition Graphs Find the Bottleneck

Improve your workflow by tracking the various stages that your pipe goes through in your pipeline and identify bottlenecks.

Scheduled BI. Business Intelligence, the Way You Want It.

Get What You want, When You want and How You want It!

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Transition Graph

Background Actions.Summon Your Minions.

Just Set The Rules and Watch Your Minions do Your Work for You.

External Services

Connect with Dropbox and Google Calendar
With our seamless integration, the possibilities are endless...


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Tired of clicking and searching for data. Create dashlets that show your data right in your home page. Show graphs, data, reports...

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